Remix Defi Explorer plugin

Learn and explore Defi protocols with the Remix Defi Explorer plugin.


In the Remix plugin manager activate Defi Explorer.


  • Add contracts of Defi protocols to the file explorer with a single click.

  • Easy deployment of Defi protocols

Loading contracts

Go to the Defi Explorer section and choose the protocol you wish to load. Then click the load button and you should be able to see the whole protocol in the file explorer.

Deploy contracts

Deploying a Defi protocol can be tricky, so Defi Explorer has a deployment definition file for each protocol that helps you to deploy correctly (we make sure it is in the order, etc).

The deployment definition file is called "deployment.json". You can run it by doing the following:

  • Select the file deployment.json in the file explorer and make sure it's the active file in the editor

  • Go to the Deploy and Run plugin

  • Expand the Transactions recorded section (below the At Address button)

  • Click the Play icon / Run Transactions


If you have any issues, please feel free to create an issue in our Github repository.